Gallery for Russian Arts & Design: Work and Play Behind the Iron Curtain

Just around the back of Oxford Street, Little Portland Street to be precise, is a small gallery called GRAD. If you take a trip there or find yourself in this area before 24th August 2014 you can treat yourself to a small confection of  design objects from Russia with some history thrown in; just in case you're getting rusty.  The exhibition is called Work and Play Behind the Iron Curtain.

You'll experience the changing face of Russian Design within a historical context from the 1917 revolution to perestroika. Loaned pieces are from The Moscow Design Museum and AMO-ZIL

There's quite a few galleries popping up around the back of Oxford Street where there were once wholesalers from the fashion industry...what does this mean?..Please discuss.

It's free to get in so you can spend the money on tea and cakes; that's what we did anyway.

3-4a Little Portland Street, London

Here's a selection of photographs taken by my assistant...Robin.

Secretarial Telephone with Rotary Dial and Keypad (date unknown)

'Molniya' (Lightning) Table Clock 1966

Saturn vacuum cleaner 1967

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