Wyndham Lewis/John Heartfield

The reason for this post is to share photographs that I particularly like of certain artists. I've added just one of their creations as an example of their work.

Wyndham Lewis 1882 - 1957  English Painter and author.
Vorticist and editor of Blast Magazine and others.

Mr Lewis has got plenty attitude, that's for sure. In his face, there's a trace of a smile but also aggression, the hair a little unruly but at the same time groomed, the neat bow in his neck counterbalanced by the casual cigarette. He looks vicious, rakish, hard, challenging, compelling and possibly a bit of a joker. I'm a bit obsessed with him at the moment. The painting is called Timon of Athens (1923)

John Heartfield 1891 - 1968)   German Dada Artist and designer.
I love this photo for revealing such strong feeling.
John Heartfield used art as a political weapon. He was known for his political photomontages containing anti-Nazi and anti-fascist statements he also designed book jackets and stage sets. 

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