Collage: Fire Cracker

Fire Cracker
A3 Collage
Vintage images, woven paper, graphite and gouache on black paper

Collage: Queen of the Night

Jane Pearrett
Queen of the Night 
A4 Collage 
Vintage Images and text, graphite, metallic paint

Sigmar Polke - Alibis: 1963 - 2010 at Tate Modern


Sigmar Polke - Alibis: 1963 - 2010 at Tate Modern... on until 8th February 2015
Nothing is out of bounds for Sigmar. To see his work is to realise just how conservative we can be in our appreciation and in our making of art. His work is really inspiring, especially in his use of materials. All kinds the surfaces are up for grabs, even actual material i.e. fabric instead of canvas. Of course there is a lot more going on in his work. Most of all I loved his strong sense of humour, but do be careful, this humour is often a veneer to a much deeper message.
Fantastic, and going back for seconds!