I've been working on this oil painting for a while, it's only small but seems to be taking me ages to finish it. I think this may be because I went on a journey with it by dividing up the canvas quite meticulously. The trouble is I can just keep on dividing and hence carry on ad infinitum without ever really feeling a finish point coming. I'm probably going to deal with this by adding another dimension in the form of some balsa wood, to create a relief...that should sort it out.

Here's another piece I'm working on. I quite like working on black paper and I received a bigger A3 pad for Christmas. I suddenly got a desire to do a self portrait in my new pad, but not a straight one, something with a bit of a design element to it to make it less like a traditional, representational portrait. So far just the drawing has emerged but now I'm having a think about what I'm going to do with the rest of it. Maybe some black and white lines. I'm definitely not going for a likeness though, that would just be too boring.

Finally it's done. I'm happy with the result. As I said above I would not be trying for a likeness in this portrait but rather what can be done with the shapes my face presented to me. By trying to avoid filling the space with light and shade to represent my face exactly, I have tried to use light and shade in an abstract way and with a strong leaning towards design. See below.

Clone: Self portrait 2015
Gouache on A3 black paper

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