Persistent Repetition of Phrases - The Caretaker

...And now for a bit of low-level noise. I haven't posted much under the label of Music as this is primarily a blog about art but here's something I listen to quite often when I settle in to do something creative. It could be termed 'ambient' but that doesn't really describe it too well. This music is very atmospheric and hypnotic due to the many repetitions of phrases. These phrases are often samples of scratchy old early 20th century ballroom music. This is the work of The Caretaker, James Kirby, who has been making music for many years and has recorded under various monikers. The name, which goes well with the music when you hear it, was taken from the haunted ballroom scene in Stanley Kubrick's film, The Shining.

Some of the pieces are reflections on memory loss; these he nails quite brilliantly in the way that the samples are retrospective and distant sounding but on a repetitious loop, just like a persistent but vague memory.
Track titles such as Lacunar Amnesia, Rosy Retrospection, Past Life Regression, False Memory Syndrome and Unmasking Alzhiemer's give you some idea of the atmosphere he is trying to evoke.

I find that I go back to listen time and again when I want to sit and paint. His music seems to instil a quietness in me as if there is a subtle sedative effect but without getting sleepy, also it's not distracting like some music can be. Through repetitive listening I've grown to be very attached to this album.

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