Enrico Prampolini: Interview with Matter 1930

It's hard to define what it is about certain works of art that makes them so very desirable. On this page I want to make a list of some of my all time favourite pieces and the reasons why they work for me.

What do I love about this work of art?

1.  Texture
2.  Juxtaposition of reflective and matt surfaces
3.  Subtle colouration
4.  Metallic surfaces
5.  Amorphous shapes and patterns
6.  Balance and placement
7.  Totally abstract qualities
8.  Unexpected materials
9.  Superb title
10. The jewel like sumptuousness

Oil, enamel, cork, galactite and sponge on wood.
98 x 78.5 cm

to be continued...

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