Lissitzky, Stepanova...and me

Most days when I cycle to my part-time job I find myself wondering what I would like to discuss on here and often I what was I thinking about? Oh yes, I posted a piece of my work called 'Does It Swing?' on here and Facebook recently and one of my friends enthusiastically (which is very nice) commented on it and whilst doing so mentioned two artists; El Lissitzky and  Varvara Stepanova.

I was very happy to have my work mentioned in relation to these two giants of Russian Art History and with renewed interest in them I thought I would use this as an excuse to share some of their work.

Here is El Lissitzky (a Suprematist, who was a strong influence on the Bauhaus and Constructivist movements). I chose this photograph of him because I like the strong diagonal emphasis, overhead view and sharp contrast.

Below is an example of his work. (If you like this you can see similar examples of his work at the Whitechapel Art Galley with their new exhibition called Adventures of the Black Square: Abstract Art and Society 1915-2015).

Neuer (New Man) 1923

It was this piece of work that my friend mentioned, a highly refined piece which I absolutely love.

Here's the other artist, Varvara Stepanova (Constructivist), with a fag on and drawing circles with her compass, which I find mildly amusing, but it would be difficult for me to explain why. What a great photogaraph!

And here's an example of her work. I chose this piece because of the way the figure is leaning to the left, which my figure is also doing. In my selection process I thought this was the closest to my image although this is probably painted whilst mine is painted and collaged. This has a less refined finish than Lissitzky's work but is no less brilliant for it.

Figure no. 29

And below is my piece that my friend was referring to. I should say here that I didn't look at either artist's work before making this, or try to work in their style. However, I am a big fan of both the Suprematism and Constructivism movements with which the artists' above were affiliated, and so I was extremely pleased. It's great to have people take their time to look and engage with your work, but I also understand that some people feel uncomfortable commenting on art unless they're well versed in it.

I would also like to add that this is the only way my work would ever be seen next to theirs...on my own blog, ha ha!

Does It Swing?
Vintage text and Gouache on A3 Paper
Jane Pearrett 2015

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