John Golding (1929 - 2012)

Kings Place
(90 York Way, London N1)

If you find yourself in the area of Kings Cross take some time out to check this exhibition entitled John Golding: Finding the Absolute. These large paintings, from the 60s, are technically intriguing once you're up close and personal. Just how did he get such hard edges on such lumpy ground? How did he manage to bring straight and curved lines together with such balance? These are some of the questions you may find yourself asking once you get up close. Superb colour combinations will strike you from a distance but when you get in closer you'll realise that what you thought was solid flat colour is in fact dappled and nuanced and at times opalescent...It's on until 4th April 2015 and free to get in.

Vol de Nuit (1966)

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