Hannah Höch Book

I'm enjoying flicking through this wonderful book as a precursor to actually reading it. The book hunter bought it back last week. I guess it was in the back of his mind that we didn't purchase it when we went to the superb Hannah Hoch exhibition last year at Whitechapel Gallery...but he never forgets when it comes to books...NEVER!

Made to accompany the exhibiton, it's full of great collages and some of her diary extracts; one describing life in Berlin's Weimar Republic during the Russian occupation and its effects on the women. These added elements create a greater understanding of what she was living through and how she and other Dada artists were reacting to the nationalism and rationalism that they thought had caused WW1 in the first place.

Love 1931

Her work can be humorous, freaky, beautiful and ugly all at the same time, as you can see in these two examples.

Modenschau 1925-35

In her studio 1976

I've resisted putting a photo of her as a younger woman with her great hair cut and looking very much the avant-garde artist. Instead here she is as a much older woman having survived two world wars and still continuing to make radical and exciting art. It is this that I most admire really...the fact that she never stopped experimenting...right to the very end of her life...no nicey nicey art for her in her old age!

Hannah Höch
1889 - 1978

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