It's On The Easel And Creating Problems.

It  2015
Oil on canvas
Jane Pearrett

Art does not have to follow conventions of  beauty...I keep telling myself this when I look at this developing work. This oil painting has come from a doodle I did in pencil. I don't often paint figurative images and this is a figure of some kind but it has come straight out of my imagination. It has been hard to make the transfer from the little pencil drawing to the painting and to capture the original design; the curved lines presented many problems with oil paint which can prove difficult to achieve a spontaneous looking, curved, unbroken line.

I'm still working on this piece and have since changed the design of the head and features but I'm still not happy with it and perhaps I never will be. This has led me to ponder how other artists feel about their work as they 'give birth' to it. I have to say that most people that love their own work seem to be just convincing their egos. I rarely look at a piece of mine without thinking that I could have done better. Picasso, by the time he painted his acrobat, was probably brimming with confidence. However you can see if you look closely the many reworking of lines underneath the paint.

I used Picasso's Blue Acrobat as inspiration for the colour. I like the simplicity of the two colours but I would have done well to also use charcoal for the outline as you see below, which is really a coloured-in line drawing. This would have made the whole thing much easier. It is now obvious, in hindsight, why Picasso used charcoal and oil for this hopefully a lesson is learnt.

Comparing the colour of the two pieces is difficult here because my photograph came out too pink and the reproduction below is a bit too yellow.

The Blue Acrobat 1929

By the way I'm not trying to make work like Picasso, that would just be foolish. However, I like the freedom he displayed in his work.

I will post the finished work probably, at a later date, warts and all!

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