Zabludowicz Collection: 20 Years

Now for some ageing contemporary does that work and what should it be called when it gets old?

Mmm...anyway, over the recent Bank Holiday we went to one of our local galleries on the Prince of Wales Road, Camden, to visit the Zabludowicz Collection. Housed in an old Chapel and with a small shop and cafe, it's quite an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. We decided to do this and then the shopping, a bit of an odd combo I know.

We've enjoyed various shows at this venue but this new exhibition is a celebration of 20 year's worth of collecting by Anita and Poju Zabludowicz, a display of their ongoing passion for contemporary art. Starting in the 1990s, emerging London based artists were their main focus but also the pioneering international influences on these particular artists were also collected, see piece by Sigmar Polke below.

Gouache on paper 2003

What's on offer is quite varied. You can immerse yourself in more recent mixed-media installations such as this one by American artist Samara Golden called Bad Brains from 2012...I could have spent hours in there with the ambient sound of water and the film of the swimming pool.

Or marvel at Keith Tyson's huge work...I was impressed with the excellent build quality of this piece.

Hexell Continuum Crawler: A tissue between discovery and invention 
Mixed Media (21 cells) 2003

Some of the work now seems a little dated; for example Gillian Waring's Dancing in Peckham video from 1994, but Sarah Lucas's Spamaggedon is still funny and unnerving, powerfully pushing all my buttons.

Chair, tights, kapok, spam cans, helmets

Here's where we went afterwards...where you can buy Spam if you want.

On until 16 August

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