Hunger at Gallery Republic

Earlier on this year I joined an art group called The Tunnel after seeing an exhibition of theirs at The Geddes Gallery, Kings Cross, called Interzone. The technique employed for that show being the cut-up technique was one of the elements that interested us in attending.

The latest show is called Hunger and was inspired by the book of the same name by Knut Hamsun which I read way back in the mid-eighties. The subject being about a starving young man whose sense of reality is giving way to a delusional existence within a dark modern metropolis.

The word 'Hunger' is simply a trigger for open-ended interpretations rather than literal ones although there will no doubt be considerable social/political content on display. It's held at a new gallery in the east of London called Gallery at Republic. We will (that's me and Robin) be contributing to the works on show so if you feel like looking at some challenging art get yourself down there.

Here's the promotion for the show if you want to check it out. Artwork was done by Robin.

and yes it's free to get in too.

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