Oil Painting: Luxury Apart


I showed you a glimpse of this painting a while back during the making of it. Here, for your perusal, is the full picture. I had forgotten to post the finished article. After the 'Hunger' show last year I put it away but I was reminded of it the other night whilst waiting on a station and looking at the Christmassy-looking red lights dotting the London skyline. They were cranes; the symbols of the ever-changing city of London, building larger office blocks and gentrifying all areas of the city, be it now or later. Anyone would be mistaken for thinking that all this building could lead to a better life for everyone with jobs and homes for all, but it doesn't really does it? In my painting below, if you look hard enough, you will find a small red question mark regarding this paradox.

Luxury Apart
Oil on canvas
51 x 40 cm
Jane Pearrett