Collaborative work: Dear Money

In our last show with the Tunnel collective Robin and I made some works together which was great fun and surprised us both in the sense that the work really was like some sort of progeny. We brought it forth into the world, kicking and screaming, with a character all of its own; not like our individual work at all. Somewhat punky and irreverent elements emerged in all the works we made under the collective name of 'WE' using materials such as newspaper, hardboard, PVA glue and acrylic paint.

This work was shown at the 'Hunger' exhibition that we had late last year with the Tunnel collective and now that we are in another show (Waterstones, Gower St, until 12th April) I remembered that I had not shown this work since, so here it is and it looks great hanging on our newly painted grey wall in the studio (Robin's bedroom).

I want to continue making some work together so we can learn from each other's strengths and continue to be surprised by the results. 

Dear Money
Acrylic, newsprint and PVA on board



 Back frame signage