Collage: Metallum grandiflorum

I do hate scaffolding going up. I can't stand the whole process. It plunges us into darkness and has multiple ways of making our lives harder. I decided therefore to see what a few photos would reveal. I took a selection of frames of the joints, cut them out and made a collage of the clamps using them to create a triad of flower-like metallic figures, complete with bolts for petals. This happened, it seemed, quite naturally as the cut-out clamps had an organic quality to them and like flowers they have colour;  rusty browns, yellows and metallic silvers and greens plus some reflection from our actual garden. They are clunky and ungainly but retain some kind of elemental beauty which is often revealed when getting up close and personal to a subject.
The scaffolding is still up but I have got something from it which is a good thing.

Metallum grandiflorum
Photomontage on natural paper 
Jane Pearrett

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