Art Documentaries

Pop Goes the Easel

This black and white Ken Russell film from 1962 sums up the times nicely.  Four young painters are chosen to represent the British Pop Art movement: Peter Blake, Peter Phillips, Derek Boshier and Pauline Boty. Russell captures their world very well with his use of Pop music and Jazz. They're seen dancing The Twist at parties and revealing their interests in the space race, American advertising and iconic figures in history and pop culture. There's some great footage in this short film where the subjects indulge in their interests such as tag wrestling, going to the fair, pin-ball and generally living-it-up.

The Mona Lisa Curse

I found this film presented by Robet Hughes fascinating. It's about how the Art market has changed radically since the 60s, when amateur collectors such as the couple featured could buy great modern Art for what would now be considered next-to-nothing. It also highlights a time when famous artists made very little from sales whilst collectors and dealers got very rich.

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